Compare the líllébaby® COMPLETE™ with any baby carrier and you will see why it deserves its name - it includes every carrying position and ensures your baby is correctly and  ergonomically positioned in every setting.

COMPLETE™ Learning - the Face Forward Learning Position

The face forward position has many benefits, including facilitating early speech development and enhanced social development. The líllébaby® COMPLETE™'s unique seat design ensures an ergonomic sitting position when facing forward, so you can rest assure your baby’s hips are safe.

So when your baby is ready, let your baby see the world, not twist to see it.

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COMPLETE™ Ergonomics

The líllébaby® COMPLETE™ baby carrier was designed with baby’s healthy hip development in mind. As recommended by experts, the unique seat adjusts to baby’s size and allows baby’s legs to naturally spread apart  in every carrying position.

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COMPLETE™ Age Range with No Babywearing Gap

The adjustability of the líllébaby® COMPLETE™ makes it possible to use the carrier during the various stages of the baby wearing years. It even has a position for the babywearing “gap months” when other "wide seat" carriers come short in offering a solution.

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Babies don't like the hood when they are awake, but need neck support. That's why the COMPLETE™ has both. Parents agree that this endlessly adjustable carrier is the most comfortable carrier they have ever tried. That comfort is not by chance, but through years of studying parents and making sure that our final carrier would be absolutely complete.

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COMPLETE™ Carrying

We are very proud of all the carrying positions of the

líllébaby® COMPLETE™ (you might have noticed). “More is more” when it comes to baby carriers as long as you keep it lightweight. The COMPLETE™ is one of the lightest baby carries available, yet it is exceptionally sturdy and comfortable, has soft fabrics and lots of features. You will be proud of it too.

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COMPLETE™ Endorsements

We would love hear what you favor the most about the

líllébaby® COMPLETE™. Which feature, function or quality do you or your baby love the most about the

líllébaby® COMPLETE™? Read what others have to say and give us your story and picture and we will reward you for your efforts!

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